Hillcrest High School

    Earth Core Energy Services, LLC (ECES) recently completed a comprehensive energy saving project at Hillcrest Middle School in Trumbull, Connecticut.

    The project began with a level 1 energy audit, which revealed an excessive use of gas and electric utilities. Cost per therm of gas usage was deemed to be well over the normal range, costing the school over $70,000 more than it should have been paying. ECES determined that the introduction of new gas-fired boilers, building controls and a LED lighting retrofit would generate over $100,000 energy savings per year for the school.

    Project Details:
    Location: Trumbull, CT
    Building Size: 110,000 sq/ft
    Owner: Town of Trumbull
    ECES Role: Design/Build Energy Conservation Measures & Installation
    Install Schedule: 20 weeks
    Cost: $1.3 million
    Energy Savings: $100,000 per year
    Lighting Savings: 109 kW, 384,595 kWh
    Gas Savings Therms: 55,091.00