We’re proud to offer our customers access to an exclusive conservation program that reduces energy consumption while lowering overall operating costs. Using little or no capital expenditures, Earth Core Energy Services Energy Efficient Solutions Program takes advantage of utility incentives and positive cash flows from the energy conserved.

Our experts will:

  • Benchmark your facility’s energy profile and baseline
  • Survey the facility to define opportunities, inspect HVAC lighting and assess building controls
  • Analyze operating costs and savings from individual measures
  • Develop a project that addresses energy and budget requirements
  • Secure utility incentives
  • Complete the energy project
  • Let you enjoy the savings
Increasingly popular with towns, schools and large complexes, microgrids can deliver electric power to keep services operational during a power outage. The experts at Earth Core Energy Services design and maintain microgrids to use waste heat generated by the production of electricity to drive absorption chillers for cooling and boiler power for heating buildings.
Best of all, our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with remote monitoring and control of microgrids.
Knowing how your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are operating is key to identifying deficiencies and avoiding costly repairs. Let the technicians at Earth Core Energy Services research the design of your system and perform a point-to-point check. We’ll determine if sensors, relays, dampers and all system components are performing as designed—then provide individual reports on your HVAC condition and operation. New and old systems alike can greatly benefit from this service.
All Earth Core Energy Services control systems offer real-time energy modeling of buildings, using sophisticated metering software to monitor energy consumption.

You can access our online energy dashboard to track HVAC performance of each system in
real time, along with controlling demand-limiting and load-shedding of your building. Solar power and cogeneration modules are also available for sites that generate their own electricity. Reporting of all data is easy and automatic.

Customized for each installation, our dashboards provide site-specific information and can even incorporate special requirements, such as vision-impaired accessibility, touch screen kiosks or scrolling displays in public areas. In addition, we offer an educational component to our software that enables staff, occupants and the public to make informed choices about saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

Using ASHRAE and Energy Star standards, Earth Core Energy Services can perform a thorough energy audit of your facility and determine baseline energy costs per square foot. Comparing your data to other buildings of the same type, we can calculate potential reductions in energy usage by developing Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

ECMs are customized for every building, including such measures as lighting upgrades, lighting controls, building automation and optimized HVAC equipment. We also look at renewable energy sources to potentially subsidize the operational cost of the facility. On average, we’re able to reduce our clients’ energy consumption by at least 30%.


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