Earth Core Energy Services delivers building automation systems that reduce energy consumption and enhance comfort—all while providing precise operating information and control. Harnessing best-of-breed technologies, we are able to improve building performance and reduce overall costs.

Best of all, our systems are scalable. Our signature innovation and expertise can be applied to both small buildings and large corporate or educational campuses.

Trust Earth Core Energy Services to design an integrated lighting control and energy management system that allows dynamic response to the ever-changing needs of a building. Addressable fixtures, level dimming and switching controls—all powered by easy-to-use control software— employ six different energy management strategies to deliver the shortest possible payback from energy savings while improving lighting quality. Available for both new and older buildings, our custom lighting control solutions can deliver up to 75% energy savings on a comprehensive lighting redesign.
Reduce your power consumption from the grid and start enjoying savings. Let Earth Core Energy Services design a complete cogeneration system that will heat and cool your facility while producing electric energy. Even better, you can rely on our building control systems to remotely manage and optimize your cogeneration system.


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